Doing Good
Looks Good
On You.
Even your jeans and tees can make a difference. Find out how.
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When it comes to water, less is more. Giving your favorite jeans a super-soft feel and lived-in look can take more than 150 liters for just one pair. We're changing that.

[icon] Ginkgo LeafVoices

Our P.A.C.E. program is committed to helping one million women around the globe take charge, dream bigger, and unlock opportunities to better their lives and communities.

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By sourcing sustainable cotton and turning recycled plastic bottles (and even wood) into super-soft yarns, the planet gets a break and you get clothes in forward-thinking fabrics.

[icon] Two Right-Pointing ChevronsA Way In
+A Way Up

To get your first job you need to get your foot in the door. This Way Ahead opens doors for the next generation with first jobs, mentoring, and the confidence to make dreams real.

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Wear Well.

Soaking jeans in baths to soften them and change their shade uses millions of liters of water each year, but it doesn't have to. Our exclusive Washwell™ Denim process achieves the same results using 20% less water. So your jeans look and feel great (and you will, too).

Water Quality is Our
Focus From Start to
Every Denim Finish

Every pair of jeans we make is part of our Water Quality Program, designed to ensure the water used to make our denim does not pollute local waterways.

Here's how it works: we dye and wash every pair of our jeans. It's what makes your blue jeans blue. Before the water used in the washing process leaves the factory, we treat it to remove any residue from manufacturing.

The Facts
[icon] Jeans
200,000+ Washwell jeans made each year
[icon] Drop
100 million+ liters of water saved since 2016
[icon] Waves
Clean waterways = safer communities
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Created with the environment in mind
One Million Women.
One Million Dreams.
Millions of Lives.

Our P.A.C.E. (Personal Advancement & Career Enhancement) program gives women the skills and training they need to find their voice, build their confidence, and secure a better future for themselves and their families. Your purchases will help us reach one million women by 2020.

Meet the Women
Who Make
Your Clothes.

Sujatha graduated from the P.A.C.E. program in India in 2012. In the village she comes from, women aren’t encouraged to get an education. But after completing the P.A.C.E. curriculum, she was promoted to supervisor, inspiring her sisters to pursue their own dreams. P.A.C.E. teaches thousands of women like Sujatha the life skills they need to succeed and become role models in their communities.

The Facts
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96,000+ women have participated to date
[icon] Book
Courses include 60 hrs. of training & education
[icon] Globe
P.A.C.E. is offered in 16 countries
[icon] Target
Our goal? Reach one million women by 2020
Better Choices
for a Better World.

To make your jeans and tees, we use cotton—a lot of it. We love that it’s soft, natural, and breathable. Cotton can also take a big toll on the planet and the people that produce it. That’s why we’re working to use more sustainable cotton.

Better Cotton

We partner with the Better Cotton Initiative to work with farmers on reducing water and pesticides, and supporting livelihoods.

Organic Cotton

Organic cotton eliminates the use of harmful pesticides, promotes healthy soil and biodiversity, and is grown from non-GMO seeds.

Recycled Poly + Nylon
Less Waste
for the Planet.
Peak Performance
for You.

By upcycling plastics into poly fabrics, we will be able to divert 25 million bottles from landfills this year. Today’s upcycled fabrics have the same wear, breathability, and performance as natural fibers, and feel just as luxurious.

Tencel™ Lyocell + Modal

We’re also making tees from trees. Both Tencel™ Lyocell and Modal, harvested from sustainable forests, are plant-based fabrics with a low environmental impact. They’re unbelievably soft on you, and on the planet too.

The Facts
[icon] Checkmark
116 million lbs of Better Cotton sourced since fall 2016
[icon] Cotton
Gap has committed to 100% sustainable cotton by 2021
[icon] Bottle
25,000,000 plastic bottles recycled last year
[icon] Target
80% of Athleta’s materials made from sustainable alternatives by 2020
Starts Somewhere.
We Help Young
Adults Start Here.

Through This Way Ahead, we partner with nonprofits to give teens and young adults a lifechanging first job in our stores. More than 75% get offers to stay on in sales associate roles, and 97% of This Way Ahead graduates improve their skills that help them get and keep a job.

Meet Dashawn
—TWA Graduate 2013

Dashawn Hightower, a Training & Business Operations Specialist at Old Navy’s flagship store in Manhattan, got his start through This Way Ahead. He has developed a following of customers who ask for him by name, thanks to his positive and infectious attitude. The inspiration behind that big smile? Dashawn’s Mom.

“My Mom is the strongest person I know. Getting a first job was the best thing ever. Knowing I didn’t have to go to her for anything and I could not only support myself, but also my Mom if it came to that, felt amazing! I worked hard for that.“

The Facts
[icon] Target
Our goal? Serving 10,000 young adults by 2020
[icon] Globe
Program runs in 15 metropolitan cities across the world
[icon] Chevrons
75% of interns get full-time job offers